Are Your Phone Services Impeding Your Company's Growth?

One of the biggest reasons for a company not performing at projected or peak levels, is wasted time and money. Introducing, New England IT Partners' solution to wasting time and money. Our Voice-over IP (VoIP) will take your company to the next level by saving you money as well as allowing you to complete business away from the office. Our advanced technology offers your company the chance to become mobile and adaptable. Living in New England we are always susceptible to having bad weather that could cripple your employees' ability to come into the office. With our VoIP option, that will never be a concern again, as we allow the ability to use your mobile device and/or laptop to make phone calls just as if they were at their desk in the office. Never lose a sale or neglect a potential client's call because of outside circumstances again!

According to a 2017 report on companies that have recently switched to VoIP services, small businesses save an average of 40% when they make the switch. The same report also mentioned that Dell saved almost $40 million by switching to VoIP IT services.

Here Is How Our VoIP Services Can Help Your Company Succeed

  • Calls On-The-Go – We understand that outside circumstances occur, you travel to conferences, and/or meetings sometimes run over the allotted time. Our VoIP IT services allow for you to take calls on your laptop or mobile device as if you were sitting right next to your desk phone the whole time!
  • Our Services Will Grow With Your Company – Never worry about your phones not being able to handle your workload again. With our VoIP IT services your phone system will grow just as quickly as your company will!
  • Low Cost and Efficient – Our VoIP IT services are cost-efficient for your budget and easy to implement. Our experienced technicians will take the time to train your employees in detail on how to properly work the service. We provide 24/7 support in the case that something goes wrong.

Why Choose New England IT Partners to be Your VoIP IT Service Provider?

If you’re not happy with your current phone solution, have outgrown your existing system, or are looking for new features; call us today, and let us help you make the right choice.