Managed IT Services
Managed IT Services in NH and MA | New England IT Partners

When you choose our Managed IT solution your company is receiving an all-inclusive, hands-on approach to all facets of your company's IT, including Cyber Security, User Training, 24/7/365 Monitoring and Protection, Cloud Computing capability, Mobile Device Management, and much more!

IT Consulting

If you have an IT person, as many of our current clients do, our IT Consulting Solution will allow them to focus on the day-to-day IT issues and work that needs to get done. This solution provides your company with the necessary tools and expertise to handle the "heavy lifting" projects on the back end of the network.

IT Consulting
Network and Cyber Security
Cyber Security Services | New England IT Partners

Cyber Security is at an all-time high! When you choose New England IT Partners you will receive our Network and Cyber Security solution tools and training that provide you with the most protection, including monitoring 24/7/365.

Cloud Computing

One of the most key elements to today's technology is the ability to access your files and information securely, while on-the-go! Whether in a meeting, at a conference, or simply working from home, with our Cloud Computing Solution you and your employees will be able to securely access all of the company's data from any remote location as if they were at their desk!

Could Computing Solutions | New England IT Partners
Data Backup and Recovery
Disaster Backup and Recovery Solutions | New England IT Partners

Failure to Plan, is Planning to Fail! With our Disaster Backup and Recovery Solution, your company will never have to worry about occurrences such as Data Wipes, Natural Disasters, Fire and/or Water Damage, or any other critical matter taken on your company's computers and servers.

Penetration Testing

Most people don't know that a simple Penetration Test would have shown Equifax's team of cyber experts and IT professionals where the holes in their security lied. See how our Penetration Testing services can protect your company from becoming the next Equifax!

Penetration Testing Services | New England IT Partners
Dark Web Monitoring and Protection
Dark Web Monitoring and Protection | New England IT Partners

Every minute of the day, cyber criminals are obtaining and selling your company's private information on the Dark Web. With our partnership with ID Agent, we our now able to monitor and protect your company from being victimized by the criminals on the Dark Web! Contact us today for your free Dark Web Report.