Don't Gamble With the Security of Your Customers' Private Information, It Could Cost You Everything

We understand the time, energy, and cost that it takes to run a business, so prioritization is key! As a small- to mid-sized business, network security may not be one of the more important issues for you to tackle. However, that decision could end up costing your company thousands to millions of dollars in losses and legal fees. The reality is that network hacks and data breaches have become more frequent and detrimental to companies. The cost to your company could be detrimental because of the loss of information, the lack of trust between customers and your business security, and legal action that can be taken against your company if you were to allow this to happen would be insurmountable for a small- to mid-sized company. According to a 2013 study, approximately 55% of small- to mid-sized businesses will be affected by a data breach or loss because of the lack of network security. Of those companies that were attacked, 53% of them reported that they had been hacked or breached multiple times.

Cyber Security Awareness for Businesses in NH and MA | New England IT Partners

Don't Become A Sitting Duck, Choose New England IT Partners to Protect Your Network

  • Updates - We will make sure to update all of your software and servers, which is one of the most effective way to prevent a possible network security issue.
  • Firewall - Do you know the difference between a network router and business grade firewall? If you do, great! If you don't, your company is open to security breaches and hacks that could be prevented by choosing New England IT Partners.
  • Passwords - Most people understand that having a long, intricate password is necessary to network security. However, hackers are using certain tools and software to be able to get that information from you. Let us protect your company with our sophisticated protection services.
  • Antivirus/Antispam - It is commonly known that an antivirus or antispam program can help protect your computer and network information, however, even with that knowledge most people only install these programs after being affected by a data breach or loss. We will make sure you are always protected against those programs meant to do harm to your company.

New England IT Partners Focuses On Security So You Don't Have To

We understand that there is so much time, energy, and knowledge that goes into running a business properly. When you choose New England IT Partners, we make it so that technology and network security will never be a concern of yours again, leaving you more time to run your company's day-to-day activities. Whether you are a small business or a large multi-national conglomerate, network security is a necessity in running your business properly. Our network security IT services serve companies within the southern New Hampshire, northern Massachusetts, and Boston Metro Region. Do you want to be stuck paying legal fees and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) fines because you didn't choose New England IT Partners to protect your company's network? According to a 2015 court ruling, companies can be held liable for not taking the proper steps to protect their IT networks and the information of their paying customers. The reality of the matter is that not only can your company be fined by the FTC and pay legal fees and payouts, but you will also lose the trust of customers to utilize your products and/or services as well as the public perception that you don't care about your customers' safety.