Protecting Your IT Network Could Save Lives

The most important job in this world, is simply the one that helps save lives. Whether you are a hospital, doctor office, clinic, or anything comparable you are in charge of the well-being of patient while they are in your care. With that, they provide you with their most important personal information that is protected by law. By you choosing to work with New England IT Partners, you are making a commitment to your patients, that you will do everything in your power to make sure their information stays secured.

Situation:  There has been a security breach that has attacked your healthcare facility. The cyber attackers have encrypted your files and disabled all of your machines until you pay their demanded ransom. If you do not pay the ransom in the allotted time they have provided, they will release all of your patients' information and permanently lock your electronic tools. What do you do?

Solution:  When you choose New England IT Partners, we will make sure that your information is backed up and able to be recovered, before it is released onto the Internet. Our IT Support and IT Services allow for your healthcare facility to always be online, functional, and secured.

IT Support for Healthcare Facilities

Our IT Support and IT Services Are Your Lifeline

The situation above is one that has occurred in real-life and made national headlines about the security breaches that healthcare facilities are susceptible to, with the rise in Ransomware and other malware attacks. Healthcare facilities are one of the most targeted victims of cyber attacks and Ransomware, specifically. Understanding the different avenues and risks that are associated with these types of attacks, our experienced engineers have been able to block these attacks. When you choose New England IT Partners' IT Support and IT Service Solutions, you are choosing:

HIPAA Compliance for IT Support and Cyber Security for Healthcare Facilities in NH and MA | New England IT Partners

Our IT Support and Cyber Security Solutions are developed to ensure HIPAA compliance and data security within your medical practice. One of the most important attributes to the services that we provide, is the ability to make sure that we can provide compliance and training to uphold HIPAA laws, in protection of your patients.

Our Cloud Computing services allows for you to be connected whether you are at a workstation or utilizing a mobile tablet. All of the patient's information will be updated and backed up in real-time. With the information that is needed to keep doctors and other medical staff up-to-date on each case, our cloud computing solution will allow you to securely access any patient information at the click of a button.

Cloud Computing Solutions for Healthcare Facilities in NH and MA | New England IT Partners
Cyber Security Solutions for Healthcare Facilities in NH and MA | New England IT Partners

Our Cyber Security tools and services have been developed and tested by our experienced engineers to make sure that your healthcare facility is completely secured from cyber attacks and/or user error that could cause file and information losses. We are the only IT and Cyber Security provider in New England that offers 24/7/365 monitoring and protection!

Don't Think This Will Happen To You?

In the latter part of April 2017, a network of hospitals and healthcare facilities in the United Kingdom were targeted and struck with Ransomware, rendering their machines and communication devices inoperable. Not only was this attack unexpected, but there were no safeguards in place to counteract the repercussions of the attack. Many of their machines that are used to save lives such as MRI machines, Vital Sign Monitors, and other computer systems necessary to keep track of patient health were all locked. With time wasting away and no end in sight, the grace of a fearless young man helped decrypt the virus and power the machines back to working order.

The hospitals and healthcare facilities that were affected by this act of cyber terrorism felt the same way you currently do. They felt as if nobody would ever target a hospital where sick children and adults require the constant working condition of all tools. HOWEVER, the attack for many of those facilities is still not over. Check out how the adverse affect of being hit with Ransomware is continuing to hurt these very same healthcare facilities.