Looking For An IT Company That Is HIPAA Compliant?

One of the most pertinent aspects of being a medical facility is the compliance with HIPAA rules and regulations when it comes the security and confidentiality of patient records. Many of the cyber attacks that have been launched were designated specifically to penetrate the securities that medical facilities had in place to protect such sensitive information. With our working knowledge of HIPAA Rules and Regulations we have developed an all-inclusive HIPAA Compliance Solution that will give your facility everything that you need to make sure your pass your next HIPAA audit. From encrypting files to training users and beyond, New England IT Partners are the best choice to protect your healthcare facility from becoming the next headline.

Cyber Security

HIPAA Compliance for IT Support and Cyber Security for Healthcare Facilities in NH and MA | New England IT Partners

Our Network Security Solution will provide your company's computers, servers, and other devices that are connected to the network with with top-of-the-line protection that allows the top engineers at New England IT Partners to monitor your network 24/7/365!

Data Encryption

HIPAA Compliance guidelines layout the key essentials that all healthcare facilities must have in place to make sure that they are protecting the personal information of their patients. All of the technological guidelines that must be followed, fall in line with the federal NIST requirements that a government contractor or organization would be held to.

Data Encryption for HIPAA Compliance for Healthcare Facilities in NH and MA | New England IT Partners

Compliance Training

Education and Training for HIPAA Compliance for Healthcare Facilities in NH and MA | New England IT Partners

Our customized HIPAA Compliance training is developed to ensure that you and your employees know the protocols and procedures that go into being compliant, as well as developing a plan in the case of a cyber attack. Our HIPAA experts are excellent at mapping out and executing HIPAA Compliance training for small and large groups!

Cloud Computing

Our Cloud Computing Solution will allow you to develop, access, and edit information on patients without having to use a standard workstation or desktop computer. We understand that your job is complicated and you may not always get to sit down at a desk to make notes on a patient's file. With our technology, you will be able do all of that from secured mobile devices.

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