Network Security Can Make or Break Your Company

The most important aspects to running a manufacturing company are the intellectual property of the developers, customer lists, production machinery, and the ability to coordinate with suppliers and distributors. Without these assets to the company working at maximum capacity or properly, your company will be forced to shut down for good.

Situation:  You receive an email from your supplier and says that the shipment that you were supposed to receive today, was delayed and won't be available until next week. The email also says if you want to check the progress of your shipment to click the link. The problem is that the email was not actually from your supplier and the link you clicked on has now spread a virus along your cyber network, encrypting all of your company's files, computers, and production lines. Your entire company is now compromised and not one department is able to function properly. At least your shipment isn't delayed. What do you do?

Solution:  Choose New England IT Partners to get your company back online. Our top engineers will be on the case within the hour and will guarantee that your company is back online and functioning at peak productivity levels that same day. Our IT Support and IT Consulting services will not only fix the issue at hand, but also prevent it from happening again.

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Our IT Support and IT Services Make Your Company More Efficient

The situation above is one that has occurred in real-life and made national headlines about the security breaches that healthcare facilities are susceptible to, with the rise in Ransomware and other malware attacks. Manufacturing companies are one of the most targeted victims of cyber attacks, Ransomware specifically. Understanding the different avenues and risks that are associated with these types of attacks, our experienced engineers have been able to block these attacks. We also will work with the FBI to make sure that the perpetrators are brought to justice! When you choose New England IT Partners' IT Support and IT Service Solutions, you are choosing:

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All of your company's most important files and information will be backed up on a regular basis. This will allow you to always restore from backup and also access them even when you're away from your office. All of the information that is logged either by people or smart machines will be accessible, securely, whether you are in the building or working remote.

Our Cyber Security tools and services have been developed and tested by our experienced engineers to make sure that your manufacturing company is completely secure from cyber attacks and/or user error that could cause file and information losses. We provide 24/7/365 data monitoring to make sure that your information is safe, whether you are at home or at the office.

Cyber Security Solutions for Manufacturing Companies in NH and MA | New England IT Partners
IT Support for Manufacturing Companies in NH and MA | New England IT Partners

Our IT Support services are customized to deal with and protect against the nuances that are attributed to the manufacturing industry. With many of our customers being in the manufacturing industry, we are considered to be experts in the field of needs and uses of technology solutions for manufacturers. Choose New England IT Partners to be your company's expert IT solution!