You May Be Small, But You Are The Target

In today's day and age, the security of customer information is playing as high of a factor in where consumers choose to shop as quality and convenience. The fact of the matter is that your business is constantly under attack from cyber criminals who are not only trying to rip your customers' information, but also your company's information.

Think About This:  You are the owner of a small business management and consulting firm. You start your day the same way as always by checking your email before your daily, morning meeting. You receive an email from Amazon mentioning that your recent order for the office has been delayed and that you can track your shipment and out of curiosity you click the link. Unfortunately for you, the email was a spoofed account and the link you just clicked has introduced Ransomware to your entire company's network. The cyber terrorists are demanding about $10,000 in Bitcoin for the key to unlock the ransom. Every moment that you wait is time lost and wasted with your staff not being able to work. What do you do?

How We Can Help:  When you choose New England IT Partners as your IT Support and Cyber Security solution, we make sure that all of your information is not only secure from an attack, but also being constantly backed up. We will provide you with the most effective cyber security tools and solutions that are not only the highest rated products on the market but also some of the most cost efficient. Choose New England IT Partners to protect your company's network before you become the next Cyber Security Journal headline.

IT Solutions for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in NH and MA | New England IT Partners

Think You're Too Small To Be A Cyber Attack Target? Think Again!

At New England IT Partners we understand the needs and challenges that come with running a small or medium-sized business, which is why we are the preeminent IT Support and Cyber Security for solution for all businesses in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Our fully customizable IT solutions are meant to contour to the needs and challenges that your specific company faces. Check out some of the many ways that we can protect your small or medium-sized business from the millions of cyber threats trying to attack you everyday.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services in NH and MA | New England IT Partners

Our managed IT services allow us to become your company's one-stop shop for all IT matters. Whether you need hardware or software upgrades, cyber security updates and patches, or have any questions regarding the use of your computers and network we will provide you with the best, most cost-efficient solution possible.

Cloud Computing

Our cloud computing technology solution allows you and your employees to stay connected to the office, whether you are on a business trip or working from home, in a safe and secure manner.

Cloud Computing IT Solutions for Business in NH and MA | New England IT Partners

24/7/365 Network Monitoring

24-7-365 Monitoring IT Solutions for Business in NH and MA | New England IT Partners

We know and understand that most small or medium-sized businesses are not relegated to the 9am-5pm workday. Our remote monitoring tools allow us to stay connected with your business to make sure that you are completely secure and functioning efficiently.

Employee Training

One of the leading causes of companies being hit by a cyber attack is the negligence of employees in how they use technology on the company's network. we provide training to all new and existing employees where they can learn to look for certain signs that would point to a potential cyber attack or breach.

Security Awareness Training for Businesses in NH and MA | New England IT Partners