Protect Your Clients Beyond the Courtroom

One of the absolute most important things for a law form to have, is complete and utter protection for their clients and the cases they work. New England IT Partners offers IT Support and IT Consulting Services for law firms in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Think About This:  You're trying to prepare for a case when an email that is said to contain pertinent information finds your inbox. As a responsible attorney, you explore the contents of the email and download the information that was sent. However, you just became the latest victim of a Phishing attack! Your computer and all of the computers that are attached to your company's network have now been infected with a variant of ransomware, putting all of your firm's and clients' information at risk of being stolen and/or disseminated along the "dark web". What do you do?

Solution:  When you choose New England IT Partners, we make sure that all of the information that is reaching your inbox is secure and 100% trusted. We also provide tools to help train users on the ways to identify malicious emails. Don't be the reason that your firm ends up in legal trouble, choose New England IT Partners to protect you and your clients, today!

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Our Services Are Customized For Your Law Firm

IT Consulting Solutions for Businesses in NH and MA | New England IT Partners

When you choose to protect your Law Firm with Managed IT Services from New England IT Partners, you receive a one-stop shop for all of your firm's IT needs. Whether you are looking for upgrades in hardware or software, cyber security protection, and/or need someone to make sure that your firm's technology needs are just taken care of, we have you covered!

Our Cyber Security Solution will provide your law firm with the services and tools needed to combat the high-risk attacks your company is facing, especially those that you cannot even see! We take pride in being the only Managed IT Solution for Law Firms in southern New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts that monitors your firm's security 24/7/365.

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Cloud Computing Solutions for Businesses in NH and MA | New England IT Partners

With our Cloud Computing Solution implemented in your law firm, you will be able to be securely connected to the office whether you are in the courthouse, working from home during a terrible New England snow storm, or meeting with a client. You will also never have to worry about accidentally deleting documents or running out of storage.

Don't Think That Your Law Firm Is Under Attack?

In 2017, network and cyber security are at an all-time premium. With more hackers and cyber attacks than ever before, it is absolutely pertinent to know that your firm's security is going to be tested on a daily basis. You do not have to be the size of Equifax or Target to be the center of a coordinated cyber attack. In fact, according to multiple studies, hacker and cyber terrorists are targeting small and mid-sized businesses such as healthcare facilities, law firms, banks/credit unions, and other industries that house valuable Personal Identifiable Information. (PII) You owe it to your clients and your firm to make sure that you have the most advanced and knowledgeable IT firm in New England working for you. Choose New England IT Partners to be your firm's cyber security and managed IT solution, today!