Don't Drive Yourself Into A Cyber Attack

As an Automotive Dealership, is of paramount importance that all information and that is received and/or disseminated remain private at all times. Dealerships are tasked with keeping information safe such as names, addresses, social security numbers, and income. Any sort of data breach, whether it be from a former employee or hacker somewhere across the world can mean the end of business for that dealership.

Situation:  A local dealership just launched the "End Of Year Sales Event" in an effort to make room for the new inventory that was coming in. This promotion brought in a lot of prospective buyers who were eager to save money on their new vehicle purchase. While working with a young couple on getting them into the right vehicle for the best price, the salesperson received an email that seemed to come from the Finance office. The email marked as "Urgent" told the salesperson to open the attachment which held new, OEM-mandated offers for certain in-stock vehicles. He opens the attachment and there is nothing but a pause and then a large, red box appears. It says, "You have been infected with Ransomware. You must pay us 10 Bitcoin (approx. $27,000 USD) within the hour or we will release all of your customers' information." What do you do?

Solution:  When you choose New England IT Partners as your IT Support and Cyber Security solution, we will make sure that this situation will never arise. Utilizing our customized AntiVirus, AntiMalware, and Email Spam Filtering tools we are able to filter out infected emails and websites so your network and the information of your customers remains safe. We also provide End-User training to all employees and executives to better identify any potentially harmful breaches.

IT Support for Auto Dealers in NH and MA | New England IT Partners

Choose An IT Company That Knows The Automotive Industry

One of the most pertinent aspects of choosing an IT company, is figuring out who knows and understands the world that you and your employees are in, everyday! Our vastly experienced team has worked in many different industries, including automotive. This will help us provide you with the necessary tools and services that are industry-specific to what you are looking for in an IT service provider. Don't choose someone who knows nothing about how important the BDC Desk is to your online sales, or the necessity of having the GSM's desk always functioning. When you choose New England IT Partners, you can trust that we will drive your customized technology to success! Here's how:

Managed IT Support

Managed IT Services for Automotive Dealers in NH and MA | New England IT Partners

Our complete Manged IT Support solution is your dealership's one-stop shop for all technology needs. Whether you need new computers, servers, cyber security, help with your inventory feed, or any other technological need, we have you covered.

Cyber Security

We will make sure that all of your computers have the latest software patches as well as AntiVirus, AntiMalware, and Email Spam Filters to best protect against outside breaches. We will also make sure that all employee records are up-to-date and will remove access to those who move within or leave the company.

Cyber Security for Automotive Dealers in NH and MA | New England IT Partners

VoIP Phone System

VoIP Services in New Hampshire and Massachusetts | New England IT Partners

Our Voice-over IP (VoIP) solution is the perfect solution for your BDC desk and sales people! Our internet-based phone system will allow your BDC and sale people to have a phone system that will connect with their CRM which will allow for recorded phone conversations and logs to be kept under the customer profile.

24/7/365 Remote Monitoring

 Your dealership does not stop working when most people get home from work or on the weekends, rather those are some of the busiest times you will see. Our tools and services allow us to remotely monitor and fix all potential issues that are facing your network without anyone ever knowing there was potential harm.

Remote Monitoring for Auto Dealers in NH and MA | New England IT Partners