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Ransomware is one of the most crippling issues that is plaguing businesses throughout the United States, and doing so at a historically alarming rate. Small business owners not only need to be on high alert, but also understand that they have more of a chance to be victimized than larger corporations. Statistically, small and mid-sized businesses are more often targeted by cyber criminals for their general lack of cyber security measures in place. The idea of somethings like a Ransomware attack, is not a personal attack, rather a manner in which to make as much money in as little time as possible.

Situation:  An email comes in from, what looks like one of your clients, and they ask you to check out a link they might want to invest in. To better advise your client, you click the link and take a look to make sure it is a good idea. Then all of a sudden, every computer and workstation that is connected to your network receives a pop-up. The pop-up reads that you have 24 hours to pay $50,000 in Bitcoin to receive control of your files or they will be shared around the Internet. What do you do?

Solution:  When you choose New England IT Partners, we will make sure that your information is backed up and able to be recovered, before it is released onto the Internet. Our IT Support and IT Services allow for your financial services to always be online, functional, and secured. We also work with the FBI to make sure that the hacker is captured and prosecuted.

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The situation that is described above is not only one that has happened in real life, but one that has forced the financial institution to payout millions of dollars in court settlement fees. Although they were the victim of the Ransomware attack, they were found liable by the court's ruling for their lack of network and online security. By choosing the IT Support from New England IT Partners you are making an investment in the protection of your members' personal and financial information. We work with you to create the absolute best cyber security plan that is customized to what you want. Working with the local FBI officials, we will make sure that perpetrators are caught and aptly dealt with. When you choose New England IT Partners' IT Support and IT Service Solutions, you are choosing:

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Whether you are a bank, credit union, investment firm, or any other type of financial institution, being able to stay connected and make sure that everything is in order is not only your priority, but also that of the customer. With our cloud computing technology, you will be able to securely transfer information and other high-profile data to and from acceptable users.

Our Cyber Security solutions are custom tools and services that were built to work with organizations such as financial institutions. We pride ourselves on being the only 24/7/365 IT and Cyber Security Solutions provider in New England. Find out how New England IT Partners can be the reason you don't become the next Equifax or Target!

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Your company is only as secure as the validity and functionality of your last backup! If a New England snow storm were to destroy your company and the servers of information that you housed, would you ever be able to recover? The answer is most likely "No." With our Data and Backup Recovery Solution you will never have to worry about that again!