If You Get Hacked Will They Call You Ignorant or Just Irresponsible?

As a Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations (PR) Firm, it is paramount that the intellectual property and other information that you have for your clients remains confidential and safe at all times. What company would ever want to hire a Marketing and PR firm that couldn't protect themselves from being victimized by a cyber attack?

Situation:  You and your team are working on a new campaign launch for a client. Everyone is feverishly trying to get their work in and approved before the deadline arrives. You receive an email that is meant to look like a coworker sent, instead was a Spear Phishing attack. You open the document attached to the email and all of a sudden, your computer freezes and you receive a message that reads "You have been infected with Ransomware. You have 24 hours to pay or else all of your information will be destroyed." Not only did you receive this message, but so did everyone else in your office! What do you do?

Solution:  When you choose New England IT Partners, we provide you with the best AntiVirus, AntiMalware, and Spam Filters that meet your company's needs! We also provide user training for all employees and staff that use a device on the network, to better identify cyber security breaches.

IT Support for Marketing, Advertising, and PR Firms | New England IT Partners

Choose An IT Company That Knows The Needs Of Your Firm

Here at New England IT Partners, our IT Support and Cyber Security solutions that we provide are completely customized based on the business needs and wants of our clients. We take pride in being able to relate to our clients on a personal and professional level by being able to understand their niche-specific IT needs. With the help of our entire staff we are able to collaborate and produce a solution that will benefit and support all aspects of your company's day-to-day operations. Here are some of the things that you can expect to receive as part of your partnership with New England IT Partners:

Managed IT Support Solutions for Marketing, Advertising, and PR Firms in NH and MA | New England IT Partners

Our Fully Managed IT Support solution is a one-stop shop for all of your firm's technology needs. We take care of everything from ordering the proper equipment at the lowest possible price, to setting it up, and supporting the equipment both remotely and in-house! We provide 24/7/365 monitoring and remote support to make sure that possible issues are taken care of, before you even know they were happening.

Our Cloud Computing Solution will allow you and you and your employees to work from home on the go by securely connecting you to all of the company's information. Paired with our Cyber Security tools and training, you will be able to connect to the office remotely, with a secure connection, making it seem like you were at your desk the entire time!

Cloud Computing Solutions for Marketing, Advertising, and PR Firms in NH and MA | New England IT Partners
Cyber Security Solutions for Marketing, Advertising, and PR Firms in NH and MA | New England IT Partners

Our Cyber Security solution provides all of your workstations and servers with the best tools available! We also provide end-user training to help identify cyber security breaches and threats that could help save your company millions of dollars in legal fees and payments to the hackers. All of our training and solutions are customized to meet the needs of your particular industry and specifically, your company.